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Nov 23, 2020

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Reading log 10

Summary of chapter 16

In the morning, the centaurs took the Prince, Eustace, and Jill to Caer Paravel.
It turned out that the ship of Caspian the Tenth was already approaching Narnia — on the way the king met Aslan, and he told him to return. As soon as he met his son, the aged Caspian died in his arms.
Then Aslan came for Eustace and Gil, blew on them again, and the children were transported to the cliff from which their journey had begun. There the children saw the dead king Caspian. The lion dropped its blood on him, and the old man revived, grew rapidly younger, and became the Caspian Eustace had known. He said that now he would stay here in Aslan’s Country, but Eustace was not allowed to stay with his friend Aslan — the children had to live a little longer in their world. After that, Aslan opened a passage to the human world, allowing Caspian to enter for five minutes. The hooligans who were chasing Jill saw a gap in the wall and in it a huge lion and three figures armed with swords. The Head saw it, too. Eustace and Gil, with the help of Caspian, taught their enemies a lesson. The police called by the headmistress did not find a break in the wall or a lion, and the investigation at the school revealed so many violations that the headmistress was fired. The school went from experimental to good, and Eustace and Jill remained friends forever. Prince Rilian buried his father and became a “good ruler”. The passage through which the travelers left the Underdark was preserved. On hot days, the Narnians went down there and rode boats on the underground sea.
Here, at last, was the end of this book and I liked it. It was interesting to follow the adventures of Eustace and Jill, to get acquainted with such curious personalities as Puddleglum and Rilian. The last Chapter ended very well, as it should, and after reading the entire book, I had only positive emotions.

Comprehension questions of chapter 16:

  1. What did Jill think when she woke the next morning? What did she remember? What had the dinner been like?
    When Jill woke the next morning and found herself in a cave, she thought for one horrid moment that she was back in the Underworld. But then she noticed that she was lying on a bed of heather with a furry mantle over her. For dinner, there were great mugs of frothy chocolate, and roast potatoes and roast chestnuts, and baked apples with raisins stuck in where the cores had been and then ices just to freshen up after all the hot things. And most importantly very tasty sausages.
  2. Why was Puddleglum to stay in bed? What did he say in response?
    Puddleglum was staying in bed because he needs to cure his burned leg. He was waiting for a famous healer and he was glad to stay in his bed but he though
  3. . Why was everyone becoming uneasy? What happened?
    Everyone was waiting for the solemn arrival of the king, but first one person came out of the ship, and then 4 more with a stretcher on which the king lay. He was very pale. He was dying right in front of people, just at the moment when his own son returned. The atmosphere changed dramatically and many residents just stood there and cried.
  4. What did Aslan tell Eustace to do? What happened afterwards?
    Aslan said “Son of Adam, go into that thicket and pluck the thorn that you will find there, and bring it to me.” Eustace obeyed. The thorn was a foot long and sharp as a rapier. Then Eustace set his teeth and drove the thorn into the Lion’s pad. And there came out a great drop of blood, redder than all redness that you have ever seen or imagined. And it splashed into the stream over the dead body of the King. And the dead King began to be changed. His white beard turned to gray, and from gray to yellow, and got shorter and vanished altogether; and his sunken cheeks grew round and fresh, and the wrinkles were smoothed, and his eyes opened, and his eyes and lips both laughed, and suddenly he leaped up and stood before them — a very young man, or a boy.
  5. What happened when Aslan roared? What did Jill, Eustace, and Caspian do? What was the result?
    When Aslan roared the sun shook in the sky and thirty feet of the wall fell down before them. They all found themselves in the real world, in the courtyard of an Experimental House where bullies were running towards them. But when they saw the living lion, their swords, and their shining mail, they fled. The result is that school went from experimental to good, and Eustace and Jill remained friends forever.